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Meet new people anytime, with ZOOM!!

You can meet people from all over the world online and talk through real-time translation on Binance Smat Chain.


Video Chat on ZoomToken

Developed based on WebRTC, MeetPle can be met with people around the world with swipe of a screen.


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Claim 800,000,000 ZOOM

Referral will get 40% BNB + 60% ZOOM.

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ZoomToken is on the BSC network and you need BNB to Purchase/Claim

How to Purchase/Claim ZoomToken

1. Copy

2. Paste in Trust Wallet (D-Apps)

3. Connect your wallet to TrustWallet and book or claim ZoomToken from our Airdrop Section

The ZoomToken Missions

Users can share digitized creations in the ZoomToken platform, and they will be able to exchange and distribute content with exclusive copyrights such as NFTs. As an open platform, ZoomToken will induce participation from all industries related to communications and enable fair token reward distribution according to the ecosystem participants' contribution.

Simple Install

Installation is not complicated, experience light and fast performance!

Easy to Use

Anyone can easily use the service with a simple method of screen design and simple use.

Various Rewards

Refer and Earn massive BNB rewards.

Liquidity providing

Provide liquidity and earn rewards

ZoomToken Distribution

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